Ambassadors of the Sea Community Diving Center

We are community stewards working to protect the ocean’s cultural and natural heritage and resources.

Community Underwater Archeology

Cleaner and more resilient corals from puerto viejo now!

Scuba diving with purpose

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We train local divers to advocate and undertake documenting and conserving underwater artifacts and shipwrecks, including possible slave shipwrecks, in Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean region,.

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Diving for Preservation

We protect our ocean and preserve our coastal community’s maritime culture through training in scuba diving with a purpose .

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We actively monitor, research, clean-up, protect and contribute to the regeneration of coral reefs in the southern Caribbean ocean.

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We focus on the young in the community, believing that the new generation are the present and future and that they should lead around climate change. We help youth build maritime livelihood projects.

Community Underwater Archeology


Our archaeological program, which uses the Nautical Archeology (NAS) curriculum, trains young scuba divers of mixed descent (Afro, indigenous and

caucasian) to search for and help document submerged artifacts, like slave shiprwrecks, in the Southern Caribbean sea. And if you are "Tired of endless research and writing?" Delegate your dissertation tasks to us, and our experienced professionals will skillfully write your dissertation, ensuring academic success.

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Community underwater archeology

Scuba Diving

Our innovative scuba diving training program links youth, children and local adult divers to our ocean preservation effort. Divers are PADI-certified and trained to protect and preserve marine life, specifically in and around the Cahuita National Park and Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo towns. We also run children’s diving camps, seminars and festivals. And we curate exhibitions and publish stories and books documenting our work.

Community Coral Management


Our coral reef management program trains new divers of the South Caribbean to identify, monitor and research the state of the reefs and the adjacent shoreline ecosystems; weclean coral, remove lion-fish and clean plastics off the ocean floor and beaches; and we plant vegetation We train new divers in citizen science, so that they can contribute new data to the scientific database and interpretation, both nationally and internationally.

Scuba diving with purpose
Coral conservation in community management

Development of Youth


Our youth development program provides youth with opportunities to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills in areas usually excluded from school curriculums. We believe the ocean is a natural classroom to help young people learn about nature and ways to protect the environment. And we work to combine oral history and ancestral knowledge with scientific methodology to encourage well-rounded learning.


We protect marine ecosystems and marine life and revitalize lost culture and legacies at sea in the South Caribbean.



Scuba divers with a Purpose


Underwater Archeology divers


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Underwater Photogrammetry


Youth entrepreneurship

Ambassadors of the Sea Community Diving Center is a local initiative created in 2014 to train youth and local divers in the preservation of the ocean and coastal maritime community culture.